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Commenting on the appointment, CII chair Dr Helen Phillips said Vallance’s experience as CEO of a Royal Charter membership body makes him “the ideal choice” to lead the organisation. She noted that he is well recognised as an expert in leading and transforming professional bodies into becoming 21st-century digital organisations with greater focus on meeting members’ needs.

In a Press release, the CII highlighted that during his seven-year stint at RIBA, Vallance implemented a comprehensive growth and transformation strategy for the team and that this included a governance and constitution overhaul, staff restructure, property review, and extensive investment in technology and international support.

Vallance, who trained as a Chartered accountant in London with Ernst & Whinney (later Ernst & Young (EY)), has a background in finance, consulting, strategic planning and general management across a broad range of roles in Europe and Australasia. While at EY, he spent most of his time on insurance audit work with Lloyd’s of London syndicates, brokers and insurance companies.

Discussing his new role, Vallance said he is delighted to join the CII and looks forward to working with its colleagues, volunteers, board and partners to deliver the skills, knowledge and networking required by insurance and personal finance professionals to develop their careers and serve the public.

“The CII is a force for good in raising public trust in the profession,” he said. “It will be an honour to represent both the institute and shine a light on the power of insurance and financial planning to improve the nation’s financial resilience in the UK and internationally.”

Vallance will succeed interim CEO Jonathan Clark on 30 August.


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