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Do your clients need environmental cover? If so, which policies are best?

Booming claims, a hardening market and a growing body of environmental activism are all adding to the pressure on environmental coverage – but which policies are the best?

Many of your clients will face environmental risk – and it’s important that you can offer them best in class solutions – but which are those? Insurance Business UK is carrying out a major industry survey – and we’d like you to be an important part of that research. If you deal with environmental cover for your clients, join our other experts letting the industry know which policies you think are best – and what is lacking in some.

By taking part in this important research, you can also help the industry let insurers know what they should be doing better, where policies are lacking, and where they’re doing well. Take the survey now.

The top-ranked carriers across a number of criteria will receive a five-star rating in recognition of their achievements and excellent performance.

Survey closes on April 16, 2021.

The 5-Star Environmental Insurance report will be published in June.


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