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Insurance Business reveals the UK’s 5-star marine insurers

Geopolitical uncertainty, energy issues, and other challenges have caused rough sailing in the marine insurance industry. However, Insurance Business UK’s (IBUK) 5-star marine insurers for 2022 have remained resilient in the past 12 months, helping brokers either increase their premium volume or maintain it at the same level.

IBUK selected the best marine insurance providers in the UK for 2022 by sourcing feedback from insurance brokers. The research team conducted a survey with a wide range of brokerages to determine what brokers value in a marine insurer and asked 100s of brokers across the country to rate the marine insurers they had worked with over the past 12 months.

The in-depth information gathered from the brokers enabled the team to assign weighted values to each criterion rated by brokers. At the end of the research period, the insurance providers that received the highest rankings regarding work quality, specialist expertise, and client service across freight liability, marine cargo, marine liability, hull and machinery, yachts and motor crafts, marine cargo, and marine trade received the 5-star marine awards.

See the full list of winners by reading the IBUK 5-Star Marine 2022 report.


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