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Earlier this week, MCE chief executive Julian Edwards told Insurance Business: “I received a letter from Kroll saying they want to disclaim all non-motorcycle policies from a midpoint in January and would like us to write to all policyholders on Friday, notifying them of this.”

Edwards had said that he would like serious consideration given to customers.

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Now, in a new statement, the motorcycle insurance broker highlighted: “The non-bike portfolio in question is comprised of a great number of policyholders who would be deemed essential workers.

“These include policyholders who work in delivery, healthcare, police, armed forces, transport, social care, NHS, education, and financial services. The commercial vehicle element of the portfolio, in particular, features a huge proportion of delivery drivers.”

In MCE’s view, given the far-reaching social and financial implications, essential worker occupations should be fully considered before deciding to unilaterally disclaim and cancel the non-bike business.

“These occupations should be analysed,” declared the broker, “and a phased plan should then be put in place to support these customers, as well as possible vulnerable customers.”            


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